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Dear Santa, I have been good

Please don’t believe what those DO-NOTHING DEMOCRATS like Shifty Schiff and Naughty Nancy have to say.

And now… David Koch!

No rest for the wicked, they say. Unless they’re recently dead, then they might be resting, but only if an afterlife exists where R & R is permitted.

A Strategic Misdirection

Come back to me in two years, you miserable motherfuckers.

And then there were three

Previously, one Mean Ol’ Publius existed. For a matter of time, this was exactly as many as the Spaceship Earth was prepared to handle. Then, through democracies and feudalisms and monarchies and empires, three magically appeared. For many years, Mean Ol’ Publius disappeared from the scene, because time traveling is tough to get a handle […]

Numero Uno… Eh… Numero Cuarenta y Cinco

If any history books get written in the future (like we’ll still need books, HARRUMPH!), this period will be looked at with hilarity. And problem a little bit of worry.