Boris Johnson once bit my sister

The first time I ever learned the name “Boris Johnson” it was reading a blog back in the day called Chase Me Ladies I’m In The Cavalry. It was clear at that time that Johnson was a twit of the highest order who was more fit for a Monty Python skit than anything else.


He’s meant to look foolish, because foolish people couldn’t cause any harm, right? Right?

I was, shall we say, a guest of our mutual Uncle Sam, doing a stretch of time out of Tampa, Florida, where my days started at 5 a.m. so I could report for duty on time after first having had a cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich.

By the way, this time in my life is when I learned three important things:

  • The saying “It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there” holds special truth for Tampa;
  • Reclaimed water is the cologne of Tampa, and smells accordingly;
  • Never under any circumstances do you drink the homemade rum, for even a capfull will lay waste to a Northerner. ‘Tis made for islanders who’ve emigrated to the area.

I won’t go into the details of what my duty entailed because it will bore most of you. I will say that it was in communications of sorts and it led me to the intersections of politics, protest movements and a blogosphere that was just learning to use its voice.

Here, I found the aforementioned blog, as well as other gems like Exploding Unicorn and such. I was, for a short time in this previous life, hated by the entire Internet. Slam poetry was written against my very name.

Ah, Tampa.


I warned you.

And it was there that I learned the name of Boris Johnson, and that he was a man of dizzying intellect. Why soccer hooligans never sank Johnson into the Port of London is beyond me, but I’m not wise to local customs and courtesies. I also didn’t know much about politics in the U.K. I still don’t and I’m not going to pretend to here today. What I will do is offer the breakdown to why exactly these things are happening, and what response there can be for it – both individually and systemically.

Cutting to the chase here: this move will keep the United Kingdom divided under Boris Johnson’s nitwit rule. This doesn’t help anyone accept: A) Rich People; and B) Russia. The morons who just voted against Corbyn because he was made out to be racist by the complicit media instead voted for an actual, avowed racist who’s going to dismantle trade relations and the National Health System throughout the course of the next few years.

If the U.K. and U.S. are both divided, the E.U. is fractured and NATO is weakened, Russia is free to plant it’s mobster tendrils around the necks of every democracy in the west and squeeze until they are dead, dead, dead.

It can’t do that through strength projection because Russia is weak as fuck. What it can do is weaponize speech against us all. It will do it individually and systemically through the Internet and through corrupt politicians.

We’ve addressed this many times, in many ways, before.

Former members of the Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities have addressed it as well. Some media outlets have covered it. The scientific community has released studies on it.

This “Firehose of Falsehood” model works because it uses our own democratic communications infrastructure against us by spewing a never-ending line of bullshit – with a few nuggets of truth buried here and there.

I realize that’s a lot of fuckin links I just threw at you. Fight fire with fire, they say. And to stop the flow of disinformation that’s corrupting Western institutions via social and electoral campaigns requires an “Always On” approach.

It’s exhausting, because it’s meant to be. If you need a palate-cleanser, here’s a topical link to McSweeney’s, because there’s always room for McSweeney’s.

pic unrelated - three tigers - Copy

Back to business of real life, we now bring you to the crux of the issue: confusing the ever-loving shit out of voters. Recently, the NY Times ran an article on how the purpose had been achieved. Voters didn’t know who to believe, and when they didn’t know who to believe and didn’t know how to differentiate Real from Fake, they retreated to the warm comfort of their political tribe of choice – even when that tribe was wrong, Wrong, WRONG. I’ll spare you the link because it’s behind paywalls.

Washington Post did some follow-up though, and that appears to be open. You’ll get an idea.

What point, Publius? you pleadingly ask, and this time I can’t fuckin fault you for it.

The point is that we’re in a time and place where each day where unimaginable amounts of data are being created. Yet, we’re still supposed to try and discern what the truth is, because we need the truth to be of healthy mind and spirit just as we need good food to be healthy in body.


The modern information consumer after turning on their computer, or their television, or their tablet, or their e-reader, or their phone. Soon coming to a smart refrigerator near you!

The point is to overwhelm the population with such mind-boggling bullshit that you go against your better senses and elect the worst possible of all choices: a weak man’s idea of a strong man; a dumb man’s idea of a smart man; a poor man’s idea of a rich man; individuals who have no loyalty to anything but themselves and chaos.


But I repeat myself.

And that creates the bigger problem: long-term economic instability, weakened alliances, concentration camps and widespread xenophobia manifesting in new ways, and the worst kind of open huckstery and graft imaginable – but I’ve already clued you in on that last part via the Cash Grab Principle.

So what do? is that you have to remain vigilant in the faces of corporate media and its political wings who are never going to stop lying to you. Go down to the library, disconnect from the digital world for a bit, have some goddamn hot chocolate and when you come back, refresh yourself on Mean World Syndrome and Fake Versus Real.

The wellness you save may be your own.

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