My Next Evolution of Musicianship: The American Artist Beef

I am now officially in a not-at-all made-up beef with no less than three different bands, and one pseudonymous commenter who appeared randomly on a podcast.

I think this is definitive proof that I have made it, musically. Me, Publius Theyself versus Like A Dozen Other Motherfuckers in Aggregate.

I don’t really have anything else to add, except that I look forward to this new stage in my musical life.

So I’m just happy to join the proud musical tradition among the likes of Biggie versus Tupac, KISS versus themselves, and Axl Rose versus Everybody.

I was also going to link to something called “Country Music’s Biggest Feuds” but then saw from the image that it was at Fox News and I JUST FUCKIN WALKED THE FUCK AWAY.

Anyway it was only going to be Florida/Georgia Line and Zac Brown anyway. They can feud all they want, right into that volcano that just blew up.

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