And now… David Koch!

Let us pray.

“The evil that he did will live after him.”

So sayeth the dead polemicist, the great Christopher Hitchens, himself arguing that just because Jerry Falwell had died was no reason to stop telling the truth about him. In fact, his death was a perfect circumstance to remind the world of his vileness.

See, Western Civilization has this thing where we like to hold up dead public figures as infallible, godly creations who never did anything wrong, you see. But it was Hitchens who reminded us that these assholes have crafted environments and shaped atmospheres that will survive well past them to negatively impact all those same groups they spent their lives marginalizing.

Hell, even though he was characterized by the Chronicle of Higher Education as being the Last Public Intellectual, the man was no saint and shouldn’t have been commemorated as one. The world shall remember his rallying on behalf of the Invasion of Iraq, even as that uglier portrait on the use of his intellect gets shushed aside in favor of less problematic arguments against most nearly every form of theism.

Render the verdict and live by it. One standard for everyone, even the dead.

Especially the dead.

So it comes with great exultation and joy that I pile on the criticisms of one David Koch, billionaire funder of climate denialism, Tea Party lies, widespread right-wing propaganda networks (and training modules for them that use it), and certainly far more that we’ll learn after his untimely demise.

For the record, I say untimely for two reasons:

  1. There are thoughts he should have died sooner, far sooner, thus sparing the rest of the inhabitants of Spaceship Earth from his monstrous (and hypocritical) policy “suggestions”; and
  2. There are yet other thoughts who would have seen him last a bit longer, if only to prolong the suffering from his cancer.

As it stands, I’m inclined to say he lived too long. Climate Change is burning the planet from the Amazon to the Arctic, and it will undeniably destroy millions of lives. His funding mechanisms and forceful will helped shore up the constantly-debunked junk science of the Climate Denialists, whose only purpose was to say that the climate’s always been changing, and China’s doing worse stuff anyway.

I’m hopeful that when the Grim Reaper came calling, Death Incarnate pulled from a long history of terrible shit to say to someone on the way out, and chose this:

Granted, Death may not have picked something so righteous, choosing instead to just say “Your time’s up,” and then blasting Koch with the old double guns. Anything to point the dead billionaire toward the notion that no, he is not in fact special.

Saint Peter ended up telling him that again, anyway.

In short conclusion, and because I have no more time to waste on this matter but there’s always, ALWAYS time for ONE MORE BAD MOTHAFUCKIN QUOTE:

Yes, David Koch deserved to die, and I hope he burns in hell.

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