A Strategic Misdirection

This one’s going to be short, because at this point everything is guesswork, but…

Strategic Campaigning has a lot of fuckin’ built-in guesswork. Political Operatives like to call them “Assumptions,” but they’re only churching-up the language. It’s what they do, make guesses and then cover those guesses in fancy terminology.

Without further ado…

Joe Biden is absolutely going to declare his candidacy to be President of the United States of America against Donald J. Trump.

He will not win, but he isn’t meant to.

See, if the Democratic National Committee has any brains left (I know, I know), then they’ll bring Uncle Joe out of the retirement that he deserves for this purpose. Joe, I don’t think, will want to do this, but they’ll be able to appeal to him on one thing alone: his last remaining sense of duty.

So, Uncle Joe will be the presumed frontrunner because he was the last VP. He will not receive the blessing of Obama, and won’t need it. Uncle Joe will specifically be brought out to serve as a combination lightning rod and shield that will absorb a MASSIVE amount of scrutiny while simultaneously draining the war chests of the GOP and Trump Incorporated (but I repeat myself).

Then, getting close to the DNC Primary in 2020, he’ll step aside and say some folksy version of “I’m getting too old for this shit” and hand his endorsement, calling lists and remaining funds over to the presumptive DNC Nominee. Who will that be? Who the fuck knows, but if the DNC follows the RNC’s model from 2015-2016, there will probably be 25 fuckin’ “candidates” rolling along in that clown car.

And Uncle Joe’s job will be to run interference on their behalf, giving the strongest among them a better fighting chance once General Election Season hits.

You heard it here first, and you can always trust Mean Ol’ Publius.

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