And then there were three

Previously, one Mean Ol’ Publius existed.

For a matter of time, this was exactly as many as the Spaceship Earth was prepared to handle.

Then, through democracies and feudalisms and monarchies and empires, three magically appeared.


I mean, white people are everywhere.

For many years, Mean Ol’ Publius disappeared from the scene, because time traveling is tough to get a handle on and the CIA doesn’t just put a time travel safehouse up just anywhere.

Then, the advent of this blog. Then the quick summary death of this blog. Then the reaffirmation of this blog. We’re nothing if not adept at failure and responsiveness.

Then, where there was only one Mean Ol’ Publius, interest created a scene wherein two more poked their heads out to say “What do, lemme in.”

Since they knew the code word of the day, they were in. So now here we are, the ROYAL WE, the EDITORIAL WE, and the CONSTITUTIONAL WE.

No worries though, we shall maintain the same amount of dignified radicalism as always.

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