On Nazis

Once upon a time, in my formative years, a song came on a friend’s playlist. The singer yelled “Nazi Punks Fuck Off!”

Ahh, those silly years of America’s where a raging, anti-establishment punk rock band echoed the general purview of its prior two generations. The irony of Jello Biafra agreeing, in his own way, with the Greatest Generation wasn’t lost on most.

It was apparently lost to history. Recently (a little bit more than a year) have been a strange time in America. I blame the kids what with their rap music.

That’s only mostly a joke.

See, there’s an element in America right now that absolutely hates how the influence of people of color has grown. There’s an element that looks at these shifts in demographics and shifts in culture and feels absolutely under assault.

They’re Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. And there are absolutely, historically and demonstrably wrong.

Unfortunately, they can’t read anything that doesn’t constantly stick-it-to-the-libs, so they’re not going to read this analysis. If they can read.

People of color and other historically minority demographics (LTBT, non-Christians, etc.) have made in-roads into mainstream America because America is progressive, and it’s this writer’s outlook that our destiny is only achieved through inclusivity. Ask any philosopher or biologist, and they’ll tell you that diversity is strength. Show me another country that’s welcomed in people from every other nation, tribe and ethnicity on Planet Earth.

It’s just who we are.

But more and more diversity and inclusivity seems to these bigots as an assault on white culture, whatever the fuck that means. Because for millions of people living and dead, white culture equals exploitation and appropriation. White culture means a boot on everyone else’s neck.

There is the sneaking suspicion from nearly all walks of life that this pushback from the still-majority demographic is due to a tangible fear – the fear that because whites have historically treated minorities like shit, when whites become the minority then there will be hell to pay.

Or worse, in these prejudicial minds, when whites become a minority – even the largest one – the rest of the demographics groups will go “Meh” and let the group off without a slap on the wrist. In short, people of color, the LGBT community and non-Christians will employ the love of Martin Luther King Jr, and offer forgiveness.

To these white devils, nothing could be more devilish. Not only would they lose their majority hold on authority, but also their claim to moral authority. As we saw in Charlottesville, they are emboldened in large numbers. Bullies. But when broken off from the pack they lack the zeal of a diehard true believer.


Pictured: A die hard true believer. But not the kind that would hop in a Dodge Challenger, kill a woman and injure 19 others, just because he had a sad.

My take on that is fairly straightforward and simple, unlike the vague justifications these whingers threw out in relation to the march. See, the common misconception here is that the rally was to protest the removal of Confederate statues.

This is untrue. The rally was a trial balloon to give the Alt-Right a defined public presence. The “Confederate statue” excuse was added as a cover later, with last minute prep done to issue talking points to the Polo Shirt and Khaki Crowd: Talk about how you can’t be replaced.

To me, as a veteran from a family who *enjoyed* a long military tradition, I view Confederates and those who support them as I view Americans who renounced citizenship to join Al Qaeda and ISIS. They are, in fact, exactly the same: People who were born American but then gave that ideal up to fight for our enemies. I will not mince words on this. The Confederates were traitors to the American purpose and ideal, and they should be remembered as such, in museums and Civil War battleground sites. Not any other public spaces.

For the record, although the secessionists, traitors, murderers and slave owners who made up the Confederacy were allowed back into the Union and their regular lives, this writer doesn’t so easily call for reconciliation. Not that it was ever found, as the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras saw those Confederates stirring the pot even more. The statues were placed as a direct and open “fuck you” to black folks. Even Robert E. Lee didn’t like statues.

Waving the Confederate flag(s) is the same type of arrogant, ignorant and bigoted notion as waving the Nazi flag. It flies in the face of all American ideals, and you cannot be both at the same time. I suppose one can be both Confederate AND a Nazi, but one can not be either of those AND an American.

So the Charlottesville ralliers and all their ilk have become scared. The Nazis, the Confederates, the KKK, the “neo” versions of each, the white supremacists, white nationalists, economic nationalists, Vanguard, Europa, Proud Boys, Aryans, American Freedom Party, American Family Alliance, FAIR, Keystone United, the Oathkeepers, militias, hammerskins, violent Odinists, Vinlanders and Stormfront – all of them represent the final backlash of white hate that will get worse before it gets better.

Thankfully, Boston showed the rest of the world that they could be effectively neutered with a proper buffer zone, and the right attitude. Apparently, Facebook is now telling me that Alt-Righters canceled their San Francisco rally because residents filled up the proposed protest site with dogshit.

I know funny, and that’s funny.

Now, I’m the type of communicator, loudmouth and veteran that wants to punch Nazis, Confederates and the rest of these cowards in the face every time they show up.

And I still might.

But the important part is, as a society we can’t. Because that’s their purpose. They’re the ones who push hate and violent rhetoric, because it’s all they know even as the world is leaving them behind

For a second time.

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