Numero Uno… Eh… Numero Cuarenta y Cinco

If a wealth of information is required to keep a population knowledgeable, then restricting that information is meant to keep them ignorant.

Early in his administration (one week), the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, placed a gag order on all information outlets related to the Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency because the former had dared to post inauguration day comparison data and the latter had dared to write openly about climate science.

Fortunately, rebels exist in the place rebels always would exist: the National Parks Service, where educators and conservationists collide. And, in a stroke of existential poetry, these particular rebels were posting from the Badlands National Park Twitter account. The sentence that follows represents the highest order of hypocrisy on planet Earth.

Following the series of climate science tweets, the information was ordered deleted and the gag order reportedly reinforced by a Commander-in-Chief who absolutely cannot stop tweeting in his own right.

“Do as I say, not as I do.” – President Donald J. Trump, probably.

Later, remarkably, the worst spokesman in the history of the world, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated aloud “We have a right to disagree with facts.”

It turns out that my previous estimation of our current top public executive being Big Brother was absolutely correct. Except, as it is, he’s Big Brother and treating everyone like we’re all unwelcome foster siblings. I will now pat myself on the back.


I would just like to take this time to say, this is the beginning of a long and silly road; a road that will be filled with ridiculous bullshit every-goddamned-day. I mean, it’s already looking wacky.

Don’t say ol’ Publius didn’t warn ya.

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